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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes every day. Smokers are tired of paying high prices, and dealing with the smell, mess and stigma associated with traditional tobacco smoking. Smoking has evolved to the electronic cigarette.


Save Money

Save up to 75% of the cost of tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette starter kit prices have significantly dropped since the initial release of this product. You can now find starter kit prices range from $29 to $159 (depending on the model and included accessories). Refill cartridges are cheaper than the cost of tobacco cigarettes, so your future purchases of refill cartridges will continue to save you money.


No Mess

Say goodbye to ashtrays and other containers (usually water bottles) filled with dirty, stinky cigarette butts in your car. Flavor cartridges can simply be thrown in the trash or recycle. And since there are no parts to the electronic cigarette that burn, you don't have to worry about anything catching fire when disposed of.


No Smell 

The vapor that is produced has no odor. No one will never know that you just had a cigarette. Your breath, clothes, hands, and hair will no longer carry the lingering and offensive odor of a tobacco cigarette.


No Burning Products

Your house and car are safe when you use electronic cigarettes. No more burned holes in your carpet or upholstery. Not to mention the mess left behind (ashes and cigarette butts).


Choose Your Nicotine Level

With electronic cigarettes, you choose the amount of nicotine you get in your smoke. Choose nicotine levels ranging from 16mg to 0mg (that's right, no nicotine).


Choice of Flavors

Enhance the pleasure of your smoke by using flavored cartridges. You can choose from a huge selection of flavors (depending on the merchant you choose to buy from). Of course, the traditional tobacco flavor is available by every merchant.


Made In the USA is proud to support businesses that operate in the United States. We carefully choose merchants who produce the flavor essence in the United States. This keeps Americans employed while increases safety for our customers.


Smoke Anytime, Anywhere

Smoking bans are all over the place. There are even instances where you are not allowed to smoke up to 100 feet away from any entrance, ventilation system, or open windows. Some cities have become a non-smoking city all together (meaning your neighbor can report you to the authorities if your cigarette smoke crosses onto their property line). Electronic cigarette vapor diminishes quickly and cleanly. After all, it is only water vapor. Think of the steam from a boiling pot. It dissipates rather quickly. This is the same for the vapor being exhaled by electronic cigarette users.