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Let me give credit where credit is due.  It all started with blu. I picked blu because of the starter kit price and accessories that were included. For about the cost of a carton of tobacco cigarettes, you will get everything you need to enjoy the long lasting benefits of electronic cigarettes including 1 pack of flavor cartridges of your choice (about the equivalent of 100 tobacco cigarettes).

blu offers the super-mini electronic cigarette. This is the model that is closest to the actual size of a standard tobacco cigarette. blu also provides the unique and quite convenient portable charger which is about the size of a standard pack of tobacco cigarettes.  The portable charger holds 5 flavor cartridges, one spare battery and charges one battery.

Videos have been uploaded to provide you easy access to watch the electronic cigarette in action.  For those who want to know what they'll experience when buying a blu product, watch the video titled, "How to Use blu", which provides instructions on how to use the blu premier electronic cigarette from the moment you receive your order. This helpful video will walk you through each component of the electronic cigarette. It is packed with enough information to answer most, if not all, of your questions you may have about how to use the blu electronic cigarette.

Starter Kit





Your Choice:  Black or White

1 electronic cigarette battery (plus one spare)

1 atomizer (plus one spare)

1 USB & Wall Charger

1 Portable Charger (looks like a pack of cigarettes, which charges a battery and holds 5 flavor cartridges)

5 flavor cartridges (about 100 cigarettes).


Only $69.95!


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Flavor Cartridges - New Look, New Design, Better Results!



blu has upgraded its electronic cigarette!  This new design combines the cartridge and atomizer into one piece (aka cartomizer).  The cartomizer holds enough juice to last the equivalent of a full pack of tobacco smokes. That's right, 20 cigarettes packed into one single cartomizer.  And, no more missed puffs. The performance of the cartomizer will produce maximum vapor while delivering full flavor in every puff.

Don't panic - if you're already a blu customer, you'll be glad to know this new cartomizer was designed with you in mind.  The new cartomizer fits your existing batteries.  There's no need to replace them!

blu offers four flavors: Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush, and Java Jolt.

All flavor packs come in one of two colored tips (Natural or Black).





In the the spirit of buying in bulk, blu offers a three-tiered pricing option (1 pack contains 5 flavor cartridges). Each Flavor Cartridge is the equivalent to a full pack of tobacco cigarettes:

   1 Pack  $12 each

   2 Packs $10.80 each

   4 Packs $9.60 each

Nicotine Levels (regardless of your choice of nicotine level, vapor and flavor are not affected)

Full Flavored (16 mg)  |  Light (12 mg)  |  Ultra-Light (8 mg)

Non-nicotine (0 mg)

Order your Flavor Cartridges here 

Classic Tobacco


Not into flavored cigarettes? No need to worry.  blu offers the traditional flavor of tobacco in Classic Tobacco. You'll enjoy all the comforts of a traditional smoke without the smell, mess and tar.


Risk Free Trial - Give It a Try! 

Maginificent Menthol

Like the cool refreshing taste of mint in your smoke?  blu has you covered with Magnificent Menthol. This cool, refreshing smoke will please anyone who likes menthol cigarettes.

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Cherry Crush

Now you can enjoy a full flavored blend of tobacco with a hint of cherries. Aimed to please anybody who loves the taste of cherries in their smoke.


Start Saving Today!

Java Jolt

Didn't have time for coffee and a smoke? blu has you covered with Java Jolt. Now you can enjoy flavored tobacco goodness with a java blend mixed right in.

Get Your Guilt-Free Smoke Today!


As with every electronic device made today, they do wear out.  blu offers cost effective options to replace individual components of your electric cigarette, instead of having to purchase an entire new starter kit. Or, maybe you're just like me and want to stock up on extra supplies to be sure your electriconic cigarette is ready to go when you are.




blu batteries are the latest in Lithium Ion technology. Designed for long-lasting life, each battery has a metal twist attachment at one end for each screw-on assembly. At the other end of the battery is the blu light, which emits a brilliant blue glow whenever you are drawing from the e-cigarette. The light also acts as an alert system, letting you know when your battery needs to be recharged. Available in Black or White.

Only $12.95








Wall & USB Chargers

The 2-pronged Wall Charger plugs easily into any standard wall outlet. The prongs are retractable for easy fold up and storage. The USB charger connects easily to any standard USB port and is compatible with all PC and Mac computers. A fully charged blu Pack also doubles as a charger so you know your batteries will always be ready when you want to smoke.

Only $12.95



Portable Pack

Only blu electronic cigarettes have the unique blu pack. This one-of-a-kind pack doubles as a battery charger when you are away from your home or office, you'll always have a fresh battery whenever you need it. The blu pack holds up to five of your favorite flavor cartridges and it comes with a convenient storage slot to hold the spare battery.

Only $12.95 

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