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How The e-Cig Work?

The battery (tip of e-cig), connects to the vaporizer.  When charging, the battery can be connected to the USB or portable charger.  The tip of the battery has an LED light, which glows when drawing from the e-cig. The LED light flashes quickly when the battery needs to be charged.

The battery comes in various colors and lasts to the equivalent of 5 to 10 cigarettes between charges. 



The atomizer is attached to the battery.  This part heats up, which converts the flavor essence into a water vapor.  The tip of the atomizer is attached to the flavor cartridge (butt of the cigarette




The cartridge (butt of e-cig) contains the flavor essence and nicotine.  This attaches to the atomizer.  Cartridges come in various colors.

It is made of 30% recycled plastic and is recyclable itself.  Simply throw it in recycle or trash for disposal. No need to worry about any smoldering materials which could cause fires.



How To Keep the Batteries Charged

Keeping the batteries charged is as important as having a lighter or matches for real cigarettes. blu provides a triple charging system for your convenience.


Wall Charger

The wall charger requires all three pieces as shown in this picture. The plug is plugged into a wall socket. The cord is plugged into the wall plug device and the other end of the cord is plugged into the USB charger. using the AC Adapter port.  The unit is charged when the blue light in the plug turns off.

 USB Charger

The USB charger plugs right into your computer or any device designed to charge devices via USB port. Even car chargers come with USB ports. The USB charger has a light that turns red when it is charging the battery and turns blue when it is done.


Portable Pack

Only blu offers the exclusive pack that stores up to 5 cartridges, a fully assembled e-cig and charges a battery.  This convenient system allows you to take your e-cig and spare cartridges with you anywhere you go. The size of this pack is slightly larger than a standard pack of cigarettes. It is hard plastic and comes in 2 colors (black or white).