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Where is Moose on the Loose?

Moose on the Loose

Thanks for visiting our temporary website for Moose on the Loose.  We are a mobile Karaoke and DJ services Company for hire. Our library consists of over 170,000 karaoke titles and 20,000 standard format songs.  We provide a premium sound system with the ability to hook in instruments into the sound board, support up to 8 cordless microphones and 2 wired microphones and multiple monitors. 


Before Moose on the Loose became a Company, Gary and I ran weekly karaoke shows at the South Sacramento Moose Lodge.  We agreed to do so for a 6-month period, at no cost to anyone.  As Moose on the Loose formed into a Company, we continued to provide free weekly shows for an additional 12 months at no charge.

Moose on the Loose has begun acquiring contracts to perform karaoke and dj services outside the South Sacramento Moose Lodge.  Whenever these events are open to the public, we encourage all those who have become part of our show to join us at the location. 

We understand our transition from a standard weekly show at the South Sacramento Moose Lodge to other locations can be a little confusing.  A calendar has been created to inform you where Moose on the Loose will be performing, and whether the event is open to the public or not.